Yunlong Mountain

One of Xuzhou’s main attractions is Yunlong Mountain. For westerners, the mountain is more of a scenic hill. It overlooks the lake and maintains a quaint charm. There are several pathways to ascend the mountain, each one provides a different view should you diverge upon the various paths. Some will take you to a simple…

Things To Do In Chiang Mai

Chaing Mai was a whirl wind adventure. The trip was spur of the moment and only for a short weekend. I had only been back maybe a week, if not two, from visiting the U.S. and I jumped on another opportunity. Since I arrived in October of 2017, I haven’t seen too many places in…

Vaccinations for Thailand

Before visiting Thailand, you need to update a lot of your vaccinations. You can do it when you arrive or before you leave. Doing it in Thailand is significantly cheaper, but you will have to find time soon after you arrive to have all the vaccinations. I was crazy and spent the money to have…

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep 

Situated atop the Doi Suthep Mountain in Northern Thailand, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is one of the most cherished temples in Northern Thailand. Built in 1386, the shrine and temple was a feat for the times. Each piece of material used to create this master piece was dragged through the thick jungle to the…

Love Hate Relationship With Thai Food

When I first told people that I was coming to Thailand they automatically said how wonderful the food was. They raved about Pad Thai and all the street food. My dad continually looked up videos and would sit showing me them for hours.

Food in Thailand

Where do I start? The spicy? The sweet? Or the spicy? Thailand seems to have two extremes: spicy or sweet. There’s hardly a time when anything is bland or lacking of flavor. They use lemon grass in most of their dishes (which I’ve found to be terrible). You shouldn’t look out for the chilies they…

Travel Tips for Thailand I Wish I Knew

The internet is full of travel tips to all sorts of places, and I guess, this blog isn’t any different. My parents continually looked up tips to help me abroad here. We’re a family accustomed to Europe, not Asia.

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