The Banshee Labyrinth


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Enter a labyrinth filled with punk rock and heavy metal music. Upon entering, there are several paths to choose from which lead to various places. If you go in and to the left, you will find the bar which offers an array of drinks and specials for the night. Try the Ectoplasm, a sweet, green shot containing a mixture of Bailey’s, Midori, and Archers or grab a cold lager to satisfy your thirst.

There are several rooms in the establishment which can be reached through creepy halls and stairs. An old jukebox and pool table are enclosed in one of the tomb-like rooms. The jukebox is great for adding a bit of mixture to the music selection at the venue.

Make sure to check out the small cinema later in the evening for a good horror movie or even something light and fun. Normally, they have two to three showings each night. The ambiance here makes you feel as if you’re in haunted tunnels beneath Edinburgh’s Old Town. This pub is a must try for a unique experience of Edinburgh’s darker side!

Banshee Labyrinth
29-35 Niddry Street
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1LG
Telephone: 0131 558 8209

Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour

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Take a tour through pubs which writers like Roberts Burns and William Wordsworth frequented, and delve into stories of their inspiration, sexual intrigue, drinking, and debauchery. The tour starts off at the Beehive Inn, located in the Old Town, where people can check in or buy tickets and then head upstairs with a drink or two.

Throughout the journey, the guides act out a battle of wits: one provides the rough, dark, and drunken side of writers and their processes while the other lays out historical facts and poems.


The two jest and banter with each other to give a lively tour; one which gives history from all angles and brings the audience into the dark, yet inspirational times of writers.

Make sure to bring a light jacket for it gets a bit chilly at night and be ready to listen to tales of history under the dim lamps and soot stained buildings from the Old Town to the New Town.


Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour
18-20 Grassmarket
Edinburgh, EH1 2JU, UK
+44 131 226 6665
May – Sept: Everyday 7:30pm
April – Oct: Thurs – Sun 7:30pm
Jan, Feb & March: Fri & Sun 7:30pm
Nov & Dec: Friday 7:30pm

Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

Steeped with a sophisticated atmosphere and homely vibe, this tavern draws people in from all around. Named after the famous Deacon Brodie in 1806, this tavern captures the dualistic nature which Robert Louis Stevenson portrays in his famous book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Brodie was a respectable businessman during the day and a burglar at night in the late 18th century. The tavern separates its quiet dining from the bar. If looking for a quiet evening and a nice dinner head upstairs to the restaurant area. Make sure to get there early or make a reservation.

If wanting a livelier atmosphere with some drinks and appetizers, downstairs is the place to be. Here, people can try cheese covered mushrooms for about £5.25. Add a pint of lager and you’ll have an enjoyable time with friends. They also serve small portions of onion rings and the traditional haggis. From about 4 pm on weekdays and most weekends the tavern is quite busy. For a good dining experience, try to arrive early in the day.

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