Half Hangit Maggie

Edinburgh had very harsh rules for anyone who was pregnant. Should you try to conceal your pregnancy you would be tried, found guilty, and hanged. Unfortunately, for Maggie Dickson, she was found guilty. The woman became pregnant by her boss’s son and attempted to conceal the pregnancy. Maggie had her baby prematurely and disposed of…

Dear Edinburgh…

Dear Edinburgh, When I first arrived, I was yearning for a new experience. For years I read of your hauntings, history, and entangling stories. There was Mary Queen of Scots, the witches, the loch, the writers… Your city throngs with famous writers. Each one added to the culture of Scotland or captured it. Robert Louis…

9 Best Places to Eat in Edinburgh

Most people see Scotland as a place full of bland food. The kind of food that your parents cook when they have no imagination. But all of that is wrong!

10 Pubs To Fall in Love With: Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is thriving with eclectic pubs. It seems there’s not enough time to cover all of them, especially when you’re visiting for a short time. Here are 10 pubs you’ll fall in love with on your next visit to Edinburgh!

Top 18 Must See & Do: Edinburgh, Scotland

Whether it’s a few days or a few months in Edinburgh everyone should experience these sights. While there is a lot to see in Edinburgh, these are the top 18 must hit places!

Hiking the Radical Road

Take the Radical Road up to see Arthur’s Seat and toast your victory with a shot of scotch! Be ready for a good workout.

Dancing the Ceilidh

When in Scotland you have to try dancing the Ceilidh. It’s a traditional Scottish folk dance where you swing your partners around and dance up and down the hall. There’s hardly a moment you’re still. Many of the guys dress in Scottish kilts with a baggy t-shirt or go all out with a fancy thick…

Make the Leap: My First Solo Trip to Europe

I was stuck in a dead end job where I wasn’t going to get switched from temp to permanent employee. I had to get out. I had to travel somewhere. I had to have adventure. So I made the leap…

10 Helpful Streets to Know When Visiting Edinburgh, Scotland

Maneuvering Edinburgh, Scotland is fairly easy, especially when you think of it as the Old Town and the New Town. But there are times when you can get turned around and forget where you are. Here are the top 10 streets to keep in mind when you’re exploring the city.

Teviot Row House: Silent Dances and Library Bars

Step into a building filled with bars from sports to library and even silent dancing. Located at the University of Edinburgh, this place is a hot spot for young tourists and college students.

Leo’s Beanery

This place felt like a travelers paradise. Sunken into the ground on Leven St., Leo’s Beanery is a quiet coffee shop and great for catching up with friends or writing your next novel. The walls are covered in maps and travel photos which matches the eclectic people you’ll meet. Locals love this beanery since it’s…

The Banshee Labyrinth

Enter a labyrinth filled with punk rock and heavy metal music. Each night is a new special drink and show of movies.

Sherlock Holmes Statue

Hidden behind trees near Picardy Place stands the famous Sherlock Holmes Statue. It looks away from the building and downward at a paw print which cannot easily be seen.

Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour

Take a tour through pubs which writers like Roberts Burns and William Wordsworth frequented, and delve into stories of their inspiration, sexual intrigue, drinking, and debauchery.

The Writers’ Museum

The Writers’ Museum, housed in what used to be Lady Stair’s home, can be found off the Royal Mile in Makar’s Court; which means poet or author’s court. The museum features three famous Scottish writers your sure to know.

A Lovely Lady with a Lifetime of Stories

Every person you meet among your travels has a story to tell. Some you might think are perfectly normal people, but when you discover their stories they turn into fascinating people.

Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

Steeped with a sophisticated atmosphere and homely vibe, this tavern draws people in from all around. Named after the famous Deacon Brodie in 1806, this tavern captures the dualistic nature which Robert Louis Stevenson portrays in his famous book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

National Monument, Calton Hill

During the Enlightenment era of Edinburgh, many people took concepts from that of ancient Greece and Rome. A lot of this can be seen in the architecture of buildings such as this one.