Yunlong Mountain


One of Xuzhou’s main attractions is Yunlong Mountain. For westerners, the mountain is more of a scenic hill. It overlooks the lake and maintains a quaint charm. There are several pathways to ascend the mountain, each one provides a different view should you diverge upon the various paths. Some will take you to a simple waterfall, maybe an ancient pavilion, or even a hidden temple. Should hiking not be your thing, you can take the cable car up to the top and a fun slide down (if it’s open). If you do take the cable car, make sure you have some cash on you. It costs roughly 40 RMB for a round trip.


One thing you need to check out is the temple located on the mountain. It costs about 3 RMB to enter which is not much if you think about maintenance. The place is calm and peaceful. You’ll see a mixture of Buddhism and Confucianism in this small place. If you want good luck, you can pay 10 RMB to ring the large bell three times. IMG_7078

At the top of the mountain, you’ll find a large collection of red ribbons with golden writing tied to trees. Supposedly, they are for good wishes and luck. Monks in their shrouds walk around and actively worship in one of the buildings lower on the mountain. This is an interesting event to watch. No photos or videos are allowed, but it only makes you live in the moment. Be careful about photography, there are some places you can take photos in this area, but there are some places it is forbidden. Make sure to look out for the signs.

IMG_7130The mountain is worth the trip, and the previously mentioned areas are only a few of the many sights to see. It’s a great place to escape the busy city or find a bit of history among the modern architecture. The best time to go would be on the weekend or during the week, not when there’s a national holiday because it can get extremely crowded.


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