Historical Loves: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

As a young girl, Victoria spent most of her life living secluded from the others and under the thumb of her mother’s husband. She wanted a life of freedom, not seclusion. She yearned for a chance to make mistakes and follow her heart whether that meant making mistakes or conquering all.


At the age of 18, Victoria became the Queen of England. She was young, and her parents worried if she would be ready to take on an entire nation. To their surprise, she was more than prepared. Suitors from all over were coming to win her hand in marriage, and why wouldn’t they? Victoria was young, smart, talented, gorgeous, and a queen.

Being as she now ruled England, she didn’t want to have a husband chosen for her. This was her country, and she was going to rule it. Spending years of oppressive solitude at the hands of her stepfather, she decided that no man will rule her. Victoria refused to marry for an alliance.

Victoria’s cousin, on her mother’s side, visited the castle more often now that she was Queen. Her uncle encouraged meetings between Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Albert knew his duty was to intrigue and allure to Queen Victoria. He studied her likes and dislikes, her family, her history, everything about her. He was forced to know everything prior to their meetings.

Victoria could tell he already knew of her, and he was like every other suitor trying to appeal to all of her interests. It wasn’t until he disagreed on the topic of music that he piqued her interest. Albert was independent enough to stand his ground and be different. Since then, the two became closer.

They wrote letters while he was away continuously. They spoke of music, literature, games, and everything in between. Albert became her confident, her friend, and he wanted more. He wasn’t in it for the alliance anymore. He wanted Victoria for who she was and she him, but a marriage proposal was out of the question for him. If there was to be a marriage, it would have to come from the Queen herself.

Victoria contemplated several suitors, and Albert became worried as time passed. The only other suitor he truly worried about was Lord Melbourne. He had a silver tongue, the ears of the Queen, and was always by her side. It was harder when Victoria began confiding in Melbourne of Albert and sending letters of Melbourne to Albert. It seemed that the two were close and the head was coming to a close. Not wanting to lose a chance with Victoria, Albert made a sudden decision to travel to the castle.

Albert’s timing was perfect, and he regained the ear of Victoria. They spent nights dancing and playing chess. Victoria confided in Albert that she wanted to marry for love. Every man believed they could marry her and rule in her stead. She was the Queen, not her husband. Victoria made that clear early on, and to her surprise, Albert agreed. She needn’t a man to rule her but to play the game with her.

It wasn’t long after this conversation that Queen Victoria decided to propose to Albert under a pavilion. She was his equal in every possible way, cared for her, inspired her, and made her feel loved.

Albert and Victoria relied on each other in the same manner which modern couples today rely on each other. It wasn’t a marriage of convenience nor political gain, but it was for pure love, a commitment to stand by each other despite all trivial circumstances.

The two spent their honeymoon at Taymouth Castle in Scotland among the secluded greenery. Despite it only being a few days, it was a relaxing, happy, and most needed vacation and honeymoon. The two lovers moved their love into a passion which continued to burn until the day Prince Albert died.

Over the course of their lives, the couple had 9 children who became rulers of Prussia, England, Russia, Romania, and Germany or lived a simple life. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert loved their children dearly. They spent countless hours with them and were a true family compared to other royal families at the time.

Unfortunately, the two lovers time was short. After 21 years of marriage, Prince Albert died of Typhoid fever. Queen Victoria was devastated. She continued to lay his clothes out every day until she died in memory of him. Her bed became cold, and she even had a plaster of his hand created so she could sleep beside it at night.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love was unlike any other. They married for love, were completely devoted to each other, and relied on each other for the strength to rule a country during the Industrial Revolution. It was a time of constant change, and the two wanted to help the people of their country.

Despite not being allocated a position at court, Prince Albert found ways to help his Queen, wife, and lover in everything possible. The couple’s relationship was beyond their times, and today would be considered a modern marriage. The love of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is one that transcends time and has gone down in history books as one of the greatest loves.


If you want to know more check out the movie, The Young Victoria.


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