Take The Break! Fun 21st Century Videos!

Sometimes when you’re a teacher, everything seems to go wrong. The kids are rowdy, they randomly cry, they’re dancing everywhere, or they’re not listening.

It was like this for the first two weeks. I’m getting used to the kids, and they’re getting used to me. But I’ve slowly found something that clicks for a majority of my class.

I’ve been pounding the kids with new information since the start of school. They’ve had an information overload! Barely out of kindergarten, these kids still yearn for a nap and games all day.

Unfortunately…. that’s not how my class works, but I did mix it up even more for my 21st Century.

My 21st Century class focuses on learning in alternative ways. It’s not the old fashioned sit and repeat the words. We get up, move around, and play games like hangman, Simon says, or telephone. Since it was too hot the other day (this being Thailand), I had my kids stay inside. Their previous class was gym outside anyways, so I wanted them to cool off in the air conditioned room.

We watched educational video clips for their last class. It was a mixture of singing and dancing. A friend of my turned me on to the Singing Walrus, and I haven’t turned back! Those songs are addicting. We sang the rainbow colors song, Hello Song, and The Action Song. There was hardly a kid sitting!

It was odd though. Last semester all of my girls were the dancers. This semester it’s the opposite. Every boy went up to the front to dance. Even the ones who rarely participate!

I have this one kid named, Dome. He never talks, always shows up late, doesn’t want to leave his Mom, and never does his work. He sits there starring into space for every class, but this time he was up at the front dancing away! Guess there’s a trick for every kid.

One of my favorites (yes, I do have favorites… many), he came over to me and put his hand out. I thought he wanted a high five at first, but he took my hand and pulled me to dance with him. He was a proper gentleman! His parents are doing something right. I would never have thought a Thai kid to do something like that.

It’s little things in the classroom that you need to keep an eye out for. Your kids get tired just like you. Their on information overload. They need a break and so do you. Take time out to dance, sing, and have fun with your kids. It’ll break up the monotony and everyone will love it!


If you have any break tips for teachers like me feel free to comment below! 

For links to great videos for primary 1 students (especially in Thailand) check out the link below! I’ll continually be adding more videos as I teach. 

Educational Videos for Primary 1 Students 

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