21st Century Learning

Last week, I had to think of a quick activity to do with my kids for 21st Century class. We’ve played hangman, red light / green light, and other simple games, but there needed to be more.

On a random whim, I thought of piecing together puzzles to focus on sentence structures and forming words. They all seemed to love it, but I did learn that it might have been easier to do it inside so that the students could hear me better.

Check out the following lesson: Sentence Puzzles

  1. Choose one or two words (I’d go with two in order to fill a 40 minute gap). I chose Forces and Kitchen.
  2. Grab one blank piece of paper for each letter. IMG_2704
  3. Start with the papers for the first word. Stack the papers together and cut the edges off to give the paper more shape. This makes it harder for them to piece the puzzle together when it’s not square shaped.
  4. Next, you will need to put one letter on each blank piece of paper. Make sure it’s big.
  5. Once done with that, create a few sentences and write them on the back of each pper.
  6. Once you have written the sentences take each letter and cut it up into several pieces. I made sure to do six weird cuts. I then put that letter into another piece of paper I folded in half. This makes it easier to hand out.

    As you’re cutting up the letters make sure you do them one at a time and focus on only one word. It’s easy to get them all mixed up.


    Next, what you need to do is break your class up into groups. One group for each letter of your word. IMG_2705

  9. Tell the students not to open up the little folders until you say, “Go.” Once you say that, they have to race to see who can finish it first and read the sentences.
  10. After they’ve completed the puzzle, tape the pieces together and have one person from each group go up to the front. IMG_2707
  11. The kids now have to figure out which letter all of their letters spell. You can help them by giving hints or setting up the first and last letter in order.
  12. Once they’ve got it give them a round of applause!

    The kids loved this activity. It’s a brain workout that focuses on sentence structure and spelling; which is perfect for Primary 1 or 6-7 year old’s.

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