New 2018 Thailand Calendar!

Here’s the new 2018 Thailand calendar to start your year off right! I know… sounds like every other person selling a calendar doesn’t it?

Well, all proceeds from this calendar are going to provide my kids at school with the best education possible. Working as a teacher in Thailand is tougher than you think. Resources aren’t always available and things add up quickly when you try to make lessons fun.

Please click the link below and order a calendar! Each photo is taken from an area in Thailand. The country is beautiful, and the kids are amazing.

2018 Thailand Calendar

2018 Thailand Calendar.jpg


Make sure to check out these other items as well. They’re perfect for your classroom or a memorabilia from Thailand!


Koh Samed Mug
Koh Samed Mug
Thailand 2018 Mug
Thailand 2018 Mug 

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