One Night in Bangkok

The Hangover was always a silly movie. Never understood why people would do such stupid things or how they could even find shit like they did in Bangkok.

Well… now I understand.


Bangkok is not your typical city. Old traditions blend with new, rising trends and cultures. You used to be able to tell the difference between a man and woman, but now it’s not so easy. It should be, right?

Nah, some of those dudes pull off being a woman too well. They even pull it off better than some of us women; including me.

Usually, you can tell if it’s a man. You’ve got the square jaw, broad shoulders, big hands, and over compensation of trying to fit in too much. The one’s in Bangkok will make you question though. Some of the ones who are an actual woman look like men.

So how the hell can you tell? Easy… stay away from Thais for the most part unless you know 100%.

Anyways, that’s besides my point at this moment.

Never before would I have thought I’d have a night out in Bangkok. All of the teachers decided to head into the big city to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday. We wanted to party until the cows come home, and we did pretty much that.

Friday seemed to drag on. We weren’t doing anything save for watching kids practice for sports day. It seemed to take forever. We just wanted to get going and hit the road.

Finally, we got to do just that. Everyone seemed to be running late, and Sophie and I were ready to just leave them if they didn’t show up. The bus was set to leave at 5 PM, and if we hit the next one who knows when we would get into Bangkok.

Eventually, we all got together at the bus station and made our way down. It seemed to take forever. In reality, it kind of did…

Here’s the thing, in Thailand these buses seem to only reach a max speed of 60 kph. There are the rare occasions they hit 80 kph, but that’s few and far. For us Americans, that’s about 40 mph (AKA slow as hell!). Texans are used to driving 75 – 85 mph. We’ve got places to go and no time to waste. Thailand doesn’t run like that. They seem to have all the time in the world here.

Since it was Friday, and there was a holiday Monday, everyone was out on the road. What should’ve taken us about 2 1/2 hours ended up taking us 3 1/2.

We were all tired, cramped, hungry, and ready to get going. Energy was quickly slipping away. It didn’t help that earlier that week, and that day, I had the major shits. I was taking Imodium tablets to help me get through the days. I don’t know if it was some kind of food I ate or a bug, but it was not helping me one bit. The entire bus ride I was worried I was going to shit my pants. Then about an hour in I had to pee.

Great, right?

Yeah, the others found out a bit of my bad side. By the time the bus reached the station, I had a headache, my bladder was about to burst, I was hungry, and if I didn’t reach a restroom soon I was going to blow.

When we got off the bus everyone wanted to stand around trying to figure out what to do. I was in no mood to wait, so I started yelling to go and then pushed my way forward and walked fast to that restroom. I felt bad, but the relief I felt when I finally went was worth it. My bladder hurt for the next few hours it was so full.

Next thing we had to tackle were the taxis. We got a couple and headed to the hostel. We lost the guys in the other one, but they eventually found us.


When the taxi dropped us off, the girls and I were a bit confused. We expected to see the hostel in broad view. Peter took us across the street, then started to go down an alley. Bikes, trash, random people, and stray cats covered it. There were puddles of water, people cooking, and it looked as if we were about to head to a brothel. This had to be one of the sketchiest areas I’ve seen since I’ve been in Thailand. We turned down another alley way with a large purple building and saw the sign for the Compound halfway down.


Never would I have thought to find this place there. Surprisingly though, it was quite nice. The staff was friendly and everything seemed pretty clean. I’ve heard staying in hostels were nice, but refused to try it on my own. White girl alone in the big city and staying in a hostel? Not such a good idea. That’s why I was completely glad to go here with a large group.


We took some time to get ready, and then headed out to Khao San Road (about a 10 minute walk). I had a new dress, put on some makeup for once, and was ready! We were all ready to have a few drinks after the week we had.

Everyone was looking at us. We were white people wandering about in Bangkok at night. We stuck out like a sore thumb. One of the other teachers, Alan, made a comment about how I could actually cleaned up nicely. Not something you want to hear all the time…

I wanted to turn to him and tell him how huge of an ass he was or how he wasn’t that good looking either. But, instead, I punched his arm “lightly” and joked with him saying, “you asshole” when I really wanted to say you can shove it up your ass.

I’ll save you some time… I had more people flirting with me that night by far than he did. Karma’s a bit of a bitch.


In Thailand, it’s normally too hot to put on makeup for school every day. You’re up in front of the class yelling, walking around, the humidity clings to you, and you’re sweating a majority of the time. Yeah, I’m not going to put makeup on a whole lot.

Anyways, we were all starving and it took forever for people to figure out what to eat since we all wanted to accommodate each other. All I knew is that once I saw a Burger King I knew what I wanted.


I had not had decent meat since the first day I arrived in Thailand and a good burger sounded amazing. Most fast food places here taste a bit different, but Burger King was pretty close to what we got back home. It hit the spot and the beef was amazing! It was worth the 400 baht. I would gladly pay that again the next time I’m in Bangkok.

Some of the teachers had some Thai food and others got McDonald’s. After eating, we all met up and hit up some of the bars on Khao San Road.

Now let me tell you now, the prices are a bit expensive. They know foreigners are coming in with money. For them it might be cheap, but if you’re living on a Thai paycheck it’s a bit much. A drink can cost anywhere from 80 – 500 baht, sometimes even up to 1000 baht depending on what you get and where you go.

Khao San Road is crowded with people, street vendors, and food. You can try things such as scorpion or crickets, or you can head over to the next stall and pick up a gorgeous dress. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find something on this road.


The first bar we hit up was the Golf Bar. It’s a great place to start off the night. For about 400 baht you can get a bucket filled with your poison. Since I wasn’t keen on drinking a lot too quickly, I splurged and got a Jack and Coke. For a Texan, this was heaven! I’ve missed good whisky so much. Thailand seems to focus on Scotch whiskies or Hong Tong (blended spirits).

All of us had a good time listening to music, talking, and dancing. We met up with a few other people and had even more fun. There was a Scottish and a Finnish guy. Their accents were wonderful!


As the night continued throngs of people flooded into the bar and crowded the street. Eventually, we ended up dancing, drinking, and smoking outside the bar. Each song struck a cord and we all went crazy.

When you’re out doing things like this, you never have a clue who you’ll meet. In fact, I met another girl from America. She had just moved to Austin when I had just moved out of there. It was such a funny coincidence. What was even funnier was when I learned her name later that night… Sammy. Yeah, who would’ve thought the two people from Texas with the same name and lived in the same spots would be in Bangkok on Khao San Road that night?

It wasn’t long before we were all sweating and the hair went up. To be honest, I don’t know how people can get drunk sometimes with it being so hot in Thailand (that is until I got drunk the next night in Pattaya haha).

We needed to change things up and head into some place cool. The club next door advertised air conditioning, dance floor, and great music.

Count me in! All you had to do was say air conditioning, and I’d be more than happy to pay the cover fee.

The cover fee was about 100 baht, but this included a free drink from the bar, so it kind of paid for itself. The area was great. There was a large Christmas tree and a huge dance floor. People stood up on the stage dancing, green strobe lights echoed through the room, and the atmosphere was alive.


We met up with some of the people from the previous bar and continued our drinking. This place was yet another one where I decided to splurge on a drink. I wasn’t going all out with beers, so I decided to spend a bit more for fewer. I got a Black Russian for about 400 baht and it tasted amazing. It was worth the price for some good liquor. You get tired of drinking beer and cheap stuff after awhile here.

I met up with the Irish guy from before and continued to talk. It was easy to spot he was a player. He was all over the women, and I know how Irish guys can be. They may be sweet, but they’re also smooth talking as I found out in Edinburgh.

At one point, I kept feeling like someone was watching me. Turns out someone was. The Finnish guy from earlier was there. At this point, I knew everyone had enough drinks so I became bold enough to walk over and start a conversation. If all else failed, I could lie and say I was drunk like them even though I had only a few drinks.

We had a few good conversations, but that was about it. To be honest, I had fun flirting with some of the guys. We were all out for a good time and needed a break from hectic work schedules or tiny towns.

At the end of the night, we all headed back to the hostel and hit the sack. I was glad the room was cold, because it was a perfect way to end the night. All snuggled up in a blanket and decent bed.

The next morning, the gang split up. Some of us stayed in Bangkok, others left for home, and Sophie and I headed off to Pattaya.


Before we left, we hit up a good place for some breakfast. It was about a 20 minute walk from the hostel and had food that wasn’t completely Thai. We got our fill of scrambled eggs and toast and Sophie got her bacon (though the bacon wasn’t exactly what she expected). It was definitely not your typical flavor or style. The restaurant was small, but quick and efficient.

It wasn’t long before we got a taxi and hit up the bus station for Pattaya!

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