Heart and Soul of Texas: Top Country Songs

Travelling for several months at a time can make you miss home. You may not want to go back at the moment, but there are brief times when you remember the good memories there.

I never really put too much thought into being born and raised in Texas, but the more I travel I realize how much it’s imprinted in me. My family is mostly European. To be a country bumpkin is outrageous!

Hell, we’re the black sheep of the family on my mom’s side. They see us as the crazy people from down south with the cattle.

But when I hear certain songs I go back to Texas in a heartbeat. A smile always pops up, and I can remember one of the many times heading out onto the dance floor.

If you’re missing a bit of home or want to check out some country music, here are some of my favorites that remind me of home. This might not have all the perfect songs for Texas, but it includes a lot of the good ones. There are old, new, slow, and fast!

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