Tips for Getting and Using a New Drone

Today, people are fascinated with drones. They’re a great gadget to play with and check out your property. At first I was skeptical. Some people had good experiences and others had horror stories. A few things are for sure: check the federal laws and put money into a good drone.


Spend the Money on a Drone

Getting a cheap one saves your wallet and can be convenient, but it will be harder to handle and have poor image qualities. If you’re wanting to get the best image and have the smoothest handle spend the money. It’s well worth it. Having a good drone means you’ll be able to use it for photography or land surveying easily.


The Phantom drones are not the most expensive, but they are up there in price. This drone is great for beginners. It’s smooth, friendly, and easy to use. The drone stabilizes itself which helps provide the best photos with the high end Go Pro camera. Should you lose your drone over the land, you can do a few switches and call it back home.


Recreational Regulations

This is a great way to take photos of your personal property or have fun at the river. If you’re using it for fun, you don’t need any licenses. With that being said, there are a few rules.

  1. No flying in restricted areas – airports (plus 5 miles around them), local law enforcement offices, and personal properties
  2. No flying over large crowds – this means that there can only be a few people in the area if you’re using it in public
  3. Follow air traffic rules – “yield right of way to manned aircraft”
  4. The drone “must be under 55 lbs”

If you stay along the river or places where there’s not a lot of people you should be fine.

Business Regulations (Simple Version)

These regulations apply to anyone making money off the use of the drone or using it for business purposes. Simple things such as land surveying or photographs taken in exchange for something are considered business. In order to comply with business regulations there are a few rules to keep in mind.

  1. Remote Pilot Airman Certificate – the person flying the drone must be over 16 years old and obtain this certificate in order to continue manning the drone commercially
  2. Drone “must be less than 55 lbs”
  3. Drone “must be registered if over 0.55 lbs”
  4. Must go through pre-flight checks before operating
  5. The aircraft must be in sight at all times and fly under 400 feet during the day
  6. Follow air traffic rules – “yield right of way to manned aircraft”
  7. Drone cannot fly over people or from moving vehicles

No Flying in National Parks

Most national parks in the United States ban the use of drones. Take Yellowstone National Park for example. Yellow Stone employees are adamant about the ban. They state the risk of the area being harmed is too great. They have had instances where a drone fell into a geyser and is supposedly still at the bottom of it today. Hard to believe with the amount of boiling water, but that’s what they say.

Employees inform people of the heavy fine repeatedly. Should you fail to follow the rules, you will be required to attend court. They are so adamant about this, that they will find you and make you come back to the state for the court appearance.

There are certain places where people can fly drones, so make sure to check out the local park. High fines and strict regulations tend to prevent the use of drones in major areas.

Check Drone Regulations In Your Area

When taking your drone in public, it’s always good to check the areas regulations. Some towns have extra rules. An easy way to check this is to go to your local sheriff’s office or call them up. This way you stay safe and have a clear idea of where you can take new, exciting photos.

Overall, drones are a neat way to get an areal view of your property or check things out. They take remote control airplanes to a new level. These aren’t just for kids anymore. This is something any adult can find useful or fun!


If you’re not sure which drone to go with, I would recommend the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera. This generates amazing photos, has great stability, and is easy to maneuver.

Have fun!

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