“The Convenient Marriage” by Georgette Heyer

Historical fiction tends to get a bad reputation. It’s often seen as misleading or so wild that it can’t even be remotely called historical fiction, but there are some books that prove them wrong.

Georgette Heyer is my favourite author. I can’t remember when I first started reading her books, but once I did I was immediately hooked. She takes you into the time period with language, details, and cultural distinctions. Each story comes to life, and you’re sucked into a movie that you can’t escape from.

Heyer’s books tend to be a bit slow in the beginning to build a basis for the rest of the story, but once you get about midway you’re zooming through the pages. The way she does this sucks the readers in without them realizing it.

My ultimate favourite book of hers is The Convenient Marriage. This was the one that got me hooked to her style of writing. The Convenient Marriage is set in 18th Century France amongst the high class of society. The youngest sister of the family decides to take the place of her older sister as the one to marry the Duke. She doesn’t see much of a life for her, but knowing that she’s helping her family makes the sacrifice worth marrying the man at least twice her age. What she doesn’t know is what will eventually come from the marriage. The young girl gets swept up in high society and that of gambling, and before she knows it she in over her head.

The book has the classical twist and turns of an 18th Century romance with that of a youthful wild girl who thinks her marriage is nothing more than a contract. She expects to find love in all the wrong places, and is surprised by the one place she finds true passion.

I would recommend this book to anyone. Yes, it has some higher diction, but the way it is written every word flows smoothly. This is a book I have recommended to all my friends and family.

You can easily buy it on Amazon and have it shipped to your door. This way you can stay in your pajamas and be ready to read it near the fireplace when you get it. Man, does that sound perfect right now. Wish I could do that, but currently I’m in Thailand with the heat until next year.

The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer

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