Love Hate Relationship With Thai Food

When I first told people that I was coming to Thailand they automatically said how wonderful the food was. They raved about Pad Thai and all the street food. My dad continually looked up videos and would sit showing me them for hours.

Part of me knew he was jealous and wanted to be the one going instead of me.

But, the videos were very interesting. To be honest, the one major thing that caught my attention were the crepes. I wouldn’t think Thailand of all places would have such a thing. Yes, they’re my sinful bliss!

The one thing I noticed about all the food was how it was all fried. My stomach doesn’t do well with fried food. Yes… I’m a Texan who doesn’t care for fried food. It’s a sin in my state, but one I continually repeat.

I wasn’t looking forward to the food to be honest. It didn’t help that the week I was getting ready to leave and my first week in Thailand I was sick the entire time. My stomach wasn’t up to par, and I was barely eating. The food I did eat was extremely spicy. It didn’t help my problems in any way.

Tom Yum at Indie Bar 

It seemed no matter what I ate, it was too spicy: soup, chicken, rice, noodles, etc. My taste buds weren’t ready for that shock.

The majority of my time in the beginning was spent eating granola bars from home, crackers, and the few meals I got from my agents or when one of my friends took me out shopping to show me around. Not much, right?

Pad Thai cooked by the cafeteria lady before school started. She was sweet and brought me some on my second day in the country.

That all changed once I met the other teachers and finally got my stomach back on stable ground. It took awhile, but they showed me some good spots to get some food that wasn’t too spicy.

My favorite place so far is what we call “The Chicken Noodle Soup Place.” Creative, huh? It’s easy to remember and a good walking distance from the school; which makes it perfect for lunch breaks. This place offered me the relief of a wonderful chicken noodle soup and several other good dishes. The staff is always friendly, and it’s relatively cheap.

Once I was able to eat food again, I began to gorge myself because I wanted to try all sorts of things. Markets and street stalls were calling my name. Since then I’ve tried Thai tea, green (match) tea, the famous honey toast, kiwi smoothies, pork and rice, pad Thai (in it’s many fashions), sugar coated corn, and even squid.

The squid wasn’t so good. It was a bit chewy… but everything else was great!

It’s been all a bit too great…

In Texas, we flavor everything with butter, but here it’s chili and sugar. The sugar gets a bit old to be honest. My corn tasted good, but the sugar was a bit much. When I get fruit, like pineapple, they always give me a packet of sugar. If I get some soup, they give me a packet of sugar and chili flakes. All of their drinks are consumed by sugar. They add sugar water and condensed milk on top of the sugar already in the drink.

Yeah, wonderful paradise for diabetics… If I wasn’t diabetic before I might be after a year here.

Have I mentioned the honey toast? This is not your average toast. The bread is a square loaf, about 4 x 4 with two scoops of ice cream, chocolate sticks, honey drizzled on top, and fruit decorating the plate. The bread is hard on the outside but warm and soft once you break the outer crust. Kind of like how you can break people’s hard shell to find their true self.

Honey Toast from Lamoon 

I have also found my crepes. There were two different styles, but they were both pretty good. Not as good as the ones in France, but they will suffice for now. At least until I can make my own sometime.

See, in Thailand, home cooking isn’t a big thing. To be honest, it’s cheaper to go out and buy each meal. I do have stuff on hand for breakfast, but lunch and dinner I usually buy take out or go to some place.

I’ve tried to cook my own dinners. They’ve tasted a bit off since I’m not used to cooking with Thai ingredients, but it just costs too much to continually do that each week. It’s easier and cheaper to just buy. Guess that means I get to try a bit of everything then.

While I do like trying Thai food, I do get tired of it sometimes. I miss the plain cooked meals from home. I miss the Yorkshire pudding, steak, green beans, and pecan pie. I wish I could have some of that right now. Don’t even get me started on the seasonings…

After only a month in Thailand, I felt deprived of my “Slap Your Mamma” and Greek seasonings. I never knew how attached I was to those until I couldn’t cook for a month. While that might seem like heaven to most people, it’s torture for me. My mom felt so bad for me that she sent me a care package with them in it. I was beyond grateful for it.

A trip is an adventure, but going to live and work somewhere completely different shows you what you took for granted. I never would’ve realized how much I miss cooking, miss my seasonings, miss things from home, but it’s also showed me that there’s so much more out there.

Green Tea Brownie Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Yes… they have DQ here! After working there for a summer, I never thought I’d care for it anywhere else, but they only serve the ice cream here so it’s different. 

Thai’s have an interesting take on food. It’s sweet and spicy (too much sometimes that it makes you shit fire); yet, after some time you find your comfort food dishes.

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  1. Enjoy your time in Thailand, and those special foods from home sound like a great break from the routine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s been an amazing experience.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tony Burgess says:

    It’s only in the past year or so I have discovered the wonder that is Thai cuisine. It’s flavor profile is on par with Japanese food and is way more interesting than the Americanized Chinese food. Great blog BTW.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! Sounds like Japanese food will be the next thing to go try. Thank you for reading the blog!


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