Photos of Thailand

I haven’t had much time to sit down and write. Well… I have, but I’ve chosen to go out and have a social life. I haven’t had one in a while so it’s been refreshing yet tiring.

The past few weeks have been crazy. Adjusting to the new culture and area has thrown my entire body for a loop. Thai culture is very laid back, yet conscious of everything. They’ll get to something when they get to it and frankly don’t care if they get in your way.

Thai people only seem to speak Thai and are proud of that fact. You will find some that speak English or a few other languages but those are far and few between. If you come to their country they want you to speak their language and follow their culture automatically. Guess that’s kind of like the States….

While it takes time to adjust to everything you will find that it renews your perspective.

The past year has been crazy. I’ve spent countless hours slaving away at a job that began to feel pointless. Rules were being tossed aside. Sexism occurred everyday. I was constantly battered by stress to take care of the entire office when I was only one person. I got into personal training and it felt great for awhile. I was getting healthy and fit again. Then I had trouble with methods of birth control. Stress levels sent me to the emergency room. The guy I was going to spend an entire week with for vacation was talking intimately with several other women. I didn’t have anyone to talk to my age in Jarrell. I had several people stalk me and try to break into my apartment. Then I got laid off from my job due to several financial matters. Etc., etc., etc….

Needless to say it was all too much. I spent the next few months trying to figure my shit out. Nothing seemed to be working. So I did the only thing I could think of. I got my TEFL certification to teach English. I’ve spoken the language since birth. I spent 4 years in college perfecting it for writing. Why not? Plus, I’d get to travel, which is my number one passion.

After completing everything and accepting a position here, in Singburi, Thailand, I found how severely stressful my life was. Everything had tumbled upon my shoulders. What used to be do or die back in the States are frivolous matters here. They’re about living life to the fullest yet being happy. Don’t stress over too much.

One thing I fell in love with was what the monk said at the temple we hiked up today. A few friends and I were looking at four pictures. Each one had a different monk holding something or doing something with their hands.

The light was a torch of wisdom, for with wisdom you can find knowledge and happiness. The hand pushed away was to let go of everything and not let it affect you. The hands over the heart were for calming your heart. You need to focus on what directly affects you, and what you need to be happy. Calm yourself first before others. Then there was the torch with a Chinese calculator which meant you need to use your wisdom and and calculations to make the best choices for your personal life.

It all seemed to hit me at once. I’m in fucking Thailand. I’m out of the United States, away from home, away from friends and family, away from everything that seemed to be do or die. Now, I’m here in this place full of gorgeous colors, terrible heat, and laid back culture. This monk had such a relaxed perspective and simplistic life. It reminds me of what truly matters and to be calm. Things will come in their time and there’s nothing you can truly do to stop them. Just take life one day at a time and bask in the moments here and now.

Here are a few random photos of Thailand. There will be more articles to come, but these are unedited photos so you can see some of the real beauty here and in Laos. While a lot of things are run down, there’s still some sights to be seen.


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