East Texas State Fair!

East Texas is known for it’s pine trees and cozy cabin atmosphere. What’s even better about the area is that it’s like being up north but in the south!Fair 5

This week is the annual East Texas State Fair. It’s similar to the enormous state fair in Fort Worth/Dallas but on a smaller scale. The fair is located in Tyler, Texas and offers a range of rides, games, and foods to eat.


The carnival rides here will keep you and your kids busy for hours. They have all of the things you had when you were younger plus more! I was excited when I saw all of them, but after about four spinning rides I found that my stomach did not match the one I had seven years ago.

If you need a break from the exciting rides, check out some of their games or even head over to the stalls. This year the fair had pig races and featured a swimming pig. It’s a great little show for everyone, especially the younger kids.

Pig Race 1

To top this, the fair brought in a cage full of tigers. The animals are well trained and a gorgeous spectacle. Seats fill up quickly so try to get a spot early.

Now as for the food, they’ve got lots of it! Since my stomach wasn’t feeling too well after the rides I decided to hit up some of the fruit treats. They had a stall full of chocolate covered bananas, strawberries, and even cheese cake. Now, the cheese cake is a bit frozen when you bite into it but well worth it! The strawberries and bananas were refreshing on a hot day.

The fair features the classic foot long corn dogs, funnel cakes, and of course… turkey legs! Sometimes the fair will even have some good old fashioned BBQ which you can smell a mile away.


This is a great activity to do with your family. For those who have kids, students get free admission Monday – Wednesday from 4 PM – 7 PM. Adult tickets are $10 and wrist bands are $25. The wrist bands are a great deal if you’re going to focus on the rides since some of them can cost up to 4 or 5 tickets each at least.

Make sure to check out the East Texas Fair from September 22 – October 1, 2017 or put it on your list for a must visit next year!


Check out these links for some videos!

2017 East Texas Fair – Pig Race
2017 East Texas Fair – Pig Race Close-up
2017 East Texas Fair – Pig Show
2017 East Texas Fair – Educational
2017 East Texas Fair – Tiger Exhibit



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