Catfish Plantation

Catfish Plantation 3

People have heard of Waxahachie, but not a whole lot of people know what’s there. It’s easy to pass through with the highway going around most of the town, but there is one place you need to check out.

Catfish Plantation is a small Victorian house built in 1895 and later turned into a restaurant in 1984. The house has always had a charm, but there was something far more too it than people were expecting.

When the house was turned into a restaurant, the owners at the time started to experience paranormal activity. Items would be moved, shadows were seen in the corners, and there was the figure of a woman dressed as a bride. The reports continued to increase. Part of it might have been to remodeling part of the home for a larger kitchen to accommodate the business.

Catfish Plantation 5

Over the years, the reports of ghostly activity never ceased to amaze them. Not only were they experiencing these strange happenings, customers were beginning to report being touched under the table or having their hair played with.

The owners began to worry that these uninvited guests were going to ruin business. They had several ghosts investigator crews come and investigate. They proved there was something there. The hauntings then became so popular that even the Travel Channel did a segment on them for the show The Dead Files.

Since it’s appearance on TV several times, business has grown and quite a few people venture out to this small restaurant to catch a glimpse of the spirits.

Today, the restaurant has added additional options such as ghost haunts, Halloween festivals, and after hour adventures. One thing to note when visiting this restaurant is that you cannot make a reservation, small parties are preferable, and it’s first come first serve. There’s limited space in this small house, so it’s best to go with 3 – 4 people at max.



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