A Night Out in Fort Worth

Fall is coming up and the spirit of Halloween is growing. For some people, they’ve already begun delving into the spirits and looking for new haunted houses.

This past weekend marked the opening of Cutting Edge in Fort Worth. This is named the “World’s Largest Walk Through Haunted House” according to Guinness World Records. On average, it takes about 55 minutes to explore all the corners of this once active meat packing factory!

A couple friends and I decided to check out this haunted house on opening night. It wasn’t in full swing since it’s still early, but it was definitely a neat experience. The lines were already forming and people were eager to go through the haunted house.

Cutting Edge.png

While a couple of us didn’t find it to be too scary. We did admit that the staff put in loads of time making it spectacular to go through. It was a bit hard for some of us to get scared since we continually caught up to the group in front of us. At times it would be about 20 people together, so we would try to stay back and wait a bit.

Cutting Edge 3
Made it through the tunnel of bubbles!

At the end of the walk through there is a bubble room you can go through to get out. This was neat! It was different than any other haunted house I’ve been to. The bubbles do become overwhelming, but they’ve got pockets throughout where you can catch your breath before proceeding. You will be a little soaked by the end of it!

One thing to keep in mind with this haunted house is that they have events year round! Just keep an eye out for them!

Since the night was still young, we decided to go out to 7th Street in downtown Fort Worth. We didn’t exactly know what to expect but had heard it was an interesting place.

We were used to going out to the bars in Austin or back in college where we had to dress up or we would be seen as under dressed. That is not the case in Fort Worth. Out of the three bars we hit up downtown, there was not a single one we didn’t feel overdressed at. We were only wearing a dress and some sandals, but most people were in jeans and a baggy T-shirt or some in just a tank top. Now I wouldn’t recommend going that under dressed to the bars, but I would recommend a nice pair of jeans and a good top.

Three bars to hit up in downtown Fort Worth are: The Local, Bar 2909, and Varsity Tavern. Something to keep in mind down here is that the drinks are overpriced, but they are stronger than you’d normally get down on 6th Street.

Varsity Tavern is a great place if you don’t want to mingle with new people. Here, you can stay inside listening to music, head outside, or up to their rooftop patio for some good hookah. This is a good spot if you want to focus on talking with friends and not having a crazy night.

Bar 2909 is a great place to mingle with new people, play some games, and have some good drinks. This is the place for a lot of college games. It gets crowded quickly, but all of the people seem to be very friendly. I would recommend hitting this one up anytime, even if the drinks are a bit pricey.

The Local bar is another good one for talking among friends in a relaxing atmosphere. This place offers outdoor and indoor seating so you can have your choice for the night. The music is upbeat and will keep your night going if you seem to start falling asleep in other places.

Overall, if you’re going to go out drinking in downtown Fort Worth, I would recommend getting a hotel on the outskirts and booking a Lyft for the night. This way you don’t to worry about drinking and driving and it’s a good price! The two women we got for both rides were wonderful. If you need to stop and get something they are more than welcome to help you out!


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  1. Winta says:

    Lovely Halloween spirit! Great recommendations, I’ve always wanted to properly explore TX. I’ve only been in Houston, Katy area. :3


    1. Thank you! Texas is great for Halloween! If you’re into all of that you should check out Thrillvania or San Antonio’s River Walk during Halloween 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Winta says:

        Nice! The closest I’ve gotton to big city halloween is in NYC with the big parade. I will def visit TX one day long term. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun! I’ll have to visit Fort Worth one of these days!


    1. It was a blast and it only gets better the cooler it gets!

      Liked by 1 person

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