10 Pubs To Fall in Love With: Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is thriving with eclectic pubs. It seems there’s not enough time to cover all of them, especially when you’re visiting for a short time. Here are 10 pubs you’ll fall in love with on your next visit to Edinburgh!

Three Sisters Pub

Three Sisters .jpg

Cowgate has always been a popular social place. The name originally came from the transportation of cattle through this area, but after the cattle business started to go down the area became a hotbed for the elites.

“Named in memory of the three MacKinnon sisters who were popular performers in the 1740s,” this pub has an array of entertainment available. The large screen outdoors is perfect for watching a game of football while inside you strike up the mic with some karaoke. Upstairs, there is a relaxing lounge area which provides even more space to socialize and kick back. There are special nights throughout the week such as the Pub Quiz, so make sure you check their calendar!

Deacon Brodies Tavern


Located on the Royal Mile, this place is named after the infamous Deacon Brodie who inspired the character Dr. Jekyll. The man was a respectable carpenter during the day, but a thief at night. He would make clay copies of keys and steal people’s belongings.

Today, the tavern is a great place to catch up with friends or have a fine dining experience. If fine dining is what you want, you might want to reserve a seat early in the day. If not, you can easily get an appetizer downstairs and a good pint of beer!

The World Famous Frankenstein & Bier Keller

Frankenstein 2 - Copy.jpgFrankenstein - Copy.jpg









Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein comes to life in this bar and bier keller. Visitors are greeted by the giant Frankenstein monster before entering a three story building which looks like the doctor’s laboratory. Each night the pub offers a different event from silent movies to pub quizzes, this place has it all. The food is Scottish-American so there’s something for everyone. Try the Bloody Shelley drink or the Frankenstein one. Pair that with a test tube shot and you’re good to go for the night!

Greyfriars Bobby


This is a chain connected to Deacon Brodies Tavern by the Nicholson’s industry. The pub is situated next to the haunted Greyfriars Kirkyard known for hiding criminals, ghosts haunting visitors, and the story of Bobby, the loyal watchdog. Visitors can dine inside or grab a beer and sit outside and breathe the fresh air. Try one of their summer shandies and you won’t go wrong.

Jolly Judge

Jolly Judge - Copy.jpg


Hidden off the Royal Mile, this pub is sure to provide the perfect place to catch up with friends or escape the rain. With the low ceiling and descending stairs to get to the entrance it feels as if you’re stepping inside a tavern built into a cave. The pub can sometimes get loud with the amount of people, but for the most part it’s quiet. There is limited space so try and go during the less busy hours such as mid-day or morning. Yes, Edinburgh starts drinking early! This is also one of several places you’ll visit should you go on the Literary Pub Crawl.




The Beehive Inn

Beehive Inn - Copy

Ever wonder where some of the most famous literary writers stayed on their visits to Edinburgh? Here is one of the many places. This pub used to be a bar, stables, and inn for visitors. Located in the Grassmarket, The Beehive Inn is known for being haunted and is the start of the Literary Pub Crawl. There’s wonderful food, people, and drinks! There is quite a line sometimes, but it’s worth it. Try the whisky sour here!


Ryries - Copy.jpg

While this is a bit away from the center of Edinburgh, it’s well worth the visit. Located in Haymarket Square, this pub offers a taste of traditional Scottish food tied with the same air. They offer a variety of beers such as Tennents to go with one of the best dishes, Premium Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Now most have heard haggis is horrible, but think of it as bland boudain. It’s actually quite tasty, especially paired with some mashed potatoes and a beer!

Ryrie's 3 - Copy.jpgRyrie's .jpg

Paradise Palms

Each night is a different event! Located next to the university, Paradise Palms takes you into a jungle with red lights, parrots, jungle foliage, and more. Depending on the night, there will be different drink specials. One thing to note, is that sometimes the special drinks seem watered down but they are still great! There is usually a live DJ and a large area to move around.

Teviot Row House

IMG_0376 (2)

This is unlike any other bar in Edinburgh. In fact, this is at least three bars in one location! Teviot Row House is the University’s Student Center and a great place for college students and young tourists to stop and have a drink. People have the choice of the Sports Bar, the Library, and another one at the top level. If you’re lucky, you might catch one of the nights that they turn the upper level into a silent dance bar. This may sound weird, but it’s actually very interesting and fun!

Banshee Labyrinth

Banshee 1 - Copy

BAnshee - Copy









Do you love horror movies? Do you like creepy things? The Banshee Labyrinth is the place to go. Their decorations are horror movie inspired and the entire bar is a labyrinth. You’ll go up and down stairs, turn down hallways, delve into the underground, and find hidden places. What’s even better is the movie theater! Each night they show several movies with quite a few of them being of the horror genre. Make sure to try their specials. They’re always tasty!

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