11 Haunted Places in Texas

  1. Glen Hotel (Glen Rose)

Glen Hotel.jpg

Glen Hotel is known for its uninvited guests. The establishment was built in 1928 and used later on as a shelter for women who’s husbands were at war. Over the years, guests have reported sightings of a light, male and female apparitions, and poltergeist activity. Sometimes the activity becomes so much that guests don’t even stay the entire night.

      2. Black Swan Inn (San Antonio)

The Battle of Salado was fought on these grounds and left turmoil in its wake. Over the years, the house has been occupied by several important figures and is now a wedding venue. The paranormal activity ranges from full body apparitions to dolls moving. The hauntings have become so profound that even the Ghost Adventures crew filmed one of their episodes here.

While it is a wedding venue, there are festivals and tours available for people to book. One thing to note is to book several weeks in advance since it’s a popular destination.

      3. Catfish Plantation (Waxahachie)

Dine on some great Cajun food and drink with the spirits of this old Victorian house. Numerous paranormal activities have occurred with members of the staff and even guests being affected. Several spirits live in the house and one of them in particular loves to touch women in the dining area. You might feel your long hair brushed or something touch your knee. The restaurant has become so popular among the haunts that it was featured on the Travel Channel.

Today, you can dine in this wonderful restaurant or book an event to look for spirits at night. They have happy hour from 4 PM – Close Wednesday through Friday. Should you be in the area during October, they have a lot of events for the wonderful month. Make sure to get their early!

      4. Chainsaw Massacre House (Granger)

Most people have seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but what about the house it was filmed in? The house is real and located in Granger, Texas! No, you can’t go up to the house since there are occupants currently living there, but you can look at it from the road. The driveway up to the house is amazing, and it makes the movie a bit more real.

     5. Driskill Hotel (Austin)

Located in downtown Austin near the capitol, this place offers a grand stay. The prices are a bit exorbitant, but the luxury is worth it. Guests who have stayed talk about ghostly apparitions, hearing things move, or the sound of a ball bouncing on the grand staircase. There used to be a room known for it’s bridal suicides which has been shut down to the public.

In 1887, a little girl, named Samantha was playing with a ball on the staircase and tumbled to her death. A portrait was painted in tribute and placed on the 5th floor. Today, visitors talk about feeling a sensation of nausea or weightlessness when looking at her portrait.

    6. The Baker Hotel (Mineral Wells)

Baker Hotel.jpg

The ruins of The Baker Hotel are still view-able from the outside. In it’s hay-day, people flocked to the hotel for its healing waters. Famous people such as Clark Gable, Judy Garland, and Bonnie and Clyde were known to stay the night.

There are stories of apparitions appearing, red lipstick stains on the sides of mirrors, and lights switching on and off. For years, the hotel has been abandoned until recently. The magnificent hotel is undergoing massive restoration and renovation which will bring it back to its glory. Keep an eye out for the opening and a chance to peak inside.

    7. White Church (Glen Rose)

White Church.jpg

White Church is more of a local haunt. Growing up in the small town of Glen Rose, people always hear warnings about visiting the church at night. Something isn’t quite right here. There have been reports of hearing bells chime in the cemetery, an apparition of a little girl next to a tree, and a man’s voice inside the church.

From personal experience, I and several other people have witnessed these occurrences. On one stormy night in particular, there seemed to be a figure crouched upon the roof of the church and a man standing among the trees.

What seems to be a quaint little church has a frighteningly eerie feeling to it. Unfortunately, visitors can no longer walk the grounds at night, but you can look at it from the road and you might still see something. On your way out be careful. There’s also the story of a headlights which seem to be from a large truck that are said to follow you. They seem to get faster and close in on you and then disappear randomly.

 8. Downtown San Antonio

Emily Morgan.jpg

San Antonio is known for being haunted. The Battle of the Alamo has left quite a history for the area. Today, people can stay in one of the several hotels surrounding the Alamo and feel the eerie presence of a ghost. Some good hotels are The Emily Morgan and the Menger Hotel. The bar beneath the Menger is said to harbor the ghost of Theodore Roosevelt while the Alamo has spirits from past battles.

The Emily Morgan is a wonderful stay, especially on the weekend of Halloween. Upon arriving, you’re provided with fresh, warm cookies that make your mouth water. The hotel room may be small, but the bed is amazingly comfortable. The historic building is a short walk to the Alamo and the River Walk which makes it a great place. Part of the hotel was used as a hospital and people today report hearing gurneys or figures walking around the halls. While my stay was quite, yours might be filled with ghostly apparitions.

9. Railroad Tracks (San Antonio)

The story goes that a train collided with a bus full of children. To this day, should your car stall or be in possible danger of getting stuck on the railroad, you’ll feel it pushed over the tracks to safety.

Most people who visit the tracks dust their back windows with baby powder and put their car into neutral. There’s a sensation of being pushed over the tracks and little hand prints are seen in the baby powder. According to the Ghost Adventures Team on the Travel Channel, this has been debunked as a slight decrease in elevation and using unclean windows when putting the baby powder on. For others though, there’s a chillingly true story.

10. USS Lexington (Galveston)

Active during WWII, this ship has seen its battle days and some of the crew are still working to this day. There have been reports of people feeling sick in certain areas, projects being completed when no one is around, and the sound of clothes shifting when no one is around.

Over the years, the ship has been a museum which offers tours and even the occasional haunted house. Certain groups have been allowed to stay the night on this old ship, such as the Boy Scouts. During October, the ship will turn into a haunted house and offer visitors a thrilling time.

The haunts have become so famous that even the Ghost Hunters Crew have filmed an episode among the metal walls of this glorious ship.

11. Town of Jefferson

Jefferson is considered one of the most haunted towns in Texas. Houses, streets, grocery stores, you name it, seem to be haunted. The town has been featured on TV as one of the best places to head for a chance to see a ghost.

There are two tours: one free and the other at a cost. The free one seems to promote the local train. If you pay a little more, you get more history and stories to thrill your senses. Every Friday and Saturday there is a tour and a chance to catch a ghost!

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