Becoming an ESL Teacher Abroad: Final Weekend

The in class portion of the ESL certification has flown by quickly. Before I knew it, the final weekend came and passed. It seemed like only yesterday we were awkwardly sitting seats surrounded by strangers.

Day 5

Saturday, we spent time going over extra material that will be covered in the online portion and how to incorporate reading exercises into the classroom. There are so many ways to incorporate this aspect. An easy way which incorporates several learning styles is through fill in the blanks tied to a song.

An easy way to do this is take a popular, clean song, write out the lyrics, and leave some words out. Play the song and have them fill in the blanks. This gets them to listen to the lyrics, hear how words are pronounced, they see words, and they’re writing the words down.

Songs are great when teaching another language. You can use them to make kids remember tricks or important aspects easily. The song ingrains a tune into the kids heads and makes the topic easy to remember. Some good songs you might use with younger kids would be YMCA and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.

After completing our book work, we focused on student practicums. About half the class presented that day which made Sunday go by quickly. All of the practicums were great! Each person had a different teaching style yet all were interesting.

When someone is in the front of the classroom, you see more of who they are and how they approach topics. Some are very game oriented. Some are presentation oriented. Some are movement oriented.

There are different ways to approach your class and that is what this course has focused on. It depends on who your students are and how they learn. You need to be able to recognize different learning styles so you can provide your students with the most prosperous environment to learn in.

Day 6

Class went by quickly since so several people were absent and we were only presenting our practicums. In the morning, we brought in foods for a potluck and chowed down all day running straight through lunch. There was so much food and it all tasted great.

We did have a new student. She had taken most of her classes at a different location, but missed the last day. In order to make this up, she came to our class to complete her final day and the in-class portion of the course. We all wish she was there from the beginning because it was so much fun.

When it comes to missing classes, Oxford Seminars is strict. If you miss one day or are late by four hours, you have to retake the rest of that course from the day you missed to the last day at another time. This ensures that students complete all of the course material and don’t skimp on their hours.

The practicums were all neat and there were several fun activities. When you watch other people teach you learn so much about them. Take for example the Indian lady in our classroom. She is very philosophical and seems to talk down a bit to other people. It’s not that she’s trying to be mean or anything, but it’s because she’s used to working with little kids and making sure they understand everything she says. This was apparent when she presented her practicum. It was targeted to young kids, about five years old, and she hit that age group spot on. She does great for that age group, but the adults might be a bit harder if she ever tackled them.

Things like these makes you realize the difference in teachers and how they teach various age groups. Some of them are great with little kids and others are fantastic with adults. It depends on the teacher and what they’re comfortable with. Most likely, I’ll lean towards the middle to elder group.

After presenting all of our practicums, we were given our final book for the online grammar portion and our certificate for the completion of 60 hours. It’s exciting! On top of that, the online portion was finally opened up to us by the end of the day.


End of 3rd Weekend

The in-class portion for the TEFL/TESOL/TESL certification is by far the best. It’s a great way to learn a mass amount of information in a lot of time. What’s even better, is that you present a practicum in person. This is good, because you get feed back on your presentation and you get some practice in front of a classroom.

Most online courses don’t have you present a practicum or go as in-dept


h into information as Oxford Seminars. Having all of this material at hand plus getting to meet some great people has been an eye opener.

If you’re ever wondering what certification to go for while working a full time job, this is the one to check out if you’re ready to travel!



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