Fairmont Mayakoba

Situated amidst the jungle and alongside the beach, Fairmont Mayakoba is a great hotel in the Riviera Maya. From its close proximity to attractions to the numerous pools, this hotel has something for everyone.


The resort prides itself on having 5 pools, a lagoon, and a beach where you can lay at your leisure while you drink a Pina Colada. Believe me, I spent a couple hours on the beach with the Pina Coladas. They’ve also got some games for the kids to play such as soccer or volley ball. If the wind isn’t too bad, you can also rent boogie boards and go out for a fun ride.


After a long day on the beach there’s nothing like getting a good meal. There are three restaurants to choose from as well as a dine-in menu. You can choose either Italian, Mexican, or an Asian Mix. I do have to say that while this food is great, it is very heavy so take it easy and don’t over do it. In the mornings they also serve a continental breakfast which is included in your stay. They have an array of buffet selections from freshly made omelets to crepes and cinnamon buns. Make sure to get there early, because the rush hits about 9 am.


The staff is friendly for the most part. I found that the men were quite amiable, but the women were very distant and slightly rude at times. Overall, they did a wonderful job. They aim to make your experience the best it can be. If you want to do an activity, but haven’t looked into it they will research it for you and send you the information. Yes, that’s quite different, but sometimes they can find great deals for you!


You’ll find that it’s easy to relax here, especially in the hotel room. These rooms have feathered pillows and comfortable beds. Most have a balcony where you can relax covered among the jungle foliage. Here you can see an array of birds or even a monkey, but don’t feed them because they can get quite aggressive. You can also see iguanas throughout the place. The area makes sure not to kill them and asks that you do not touch them. They can most be seen in between the bushes or walking across the walkways.¬†Another perk to the hotel is that the water is filtered twice. This is great when you’re in the Yucatan area, because the local water is unfiltered and numerous people swim in the cenotes that are part of the source. The hotel makes sure that you have several bottles of water in your room and when you leave to go on an excursion they offer even more.


While the resort itself is amazing, it’s also in a great area to reach other attractions. From here, you can easily go to Playa del Carmen, Cancun, the Tulum ruins, or even Coba. The Akumal Monkey Sanctuary is worth a visit when in the area.

Overall, this resort is a great place to relax, but make sure you set money aside for this luxurious stay. They charge a lot of extra fees and taxes when you arrive at the hotel. Though, it is a bit pricey it’s well worth it!



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