The Banshee Labyrinth


IMG_0623 (3)

Enter a labyrinth filled with punk rock and heavy metal music. Upon entering, there are several paths to choose from which lead to various places. If you go in and to the left, you will find the bar which offers an array of drinks and specials for the night. Try the Ectoplasm, a sweet, green shot containing a mixture of Bailey’s, Midori, and Archers or grab a cold lager to satisfy your thirst.

There are several rooms in the establishment which can be reached through creepy halls and stairs. An old jukebox and pool table are enclosed in one of the tomb-like rooms. The jukebox is great for adding a bit of mixture to the music selection at the venue.

Make sure to check out the small cinema later in the evening for a good horror movie or even something light and fun. Normally, they have two to three showings each night. The ambiance here makes you feel as if you’re in haunted tunnels beneath Edinburgh’s Old Town. This pub is a must try for a unique experience of Edinburgh’s darker side!

Banshee Labyrinth
29-35 Niddry Street
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1LG
Telephone: 0131 558 8209

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