Sherlock Holmes Statue

img_0422 (3)

Hidden behind trees near Picardy Place stands the famous Sherlock Holmes Statue. It looks away from the building and downward at a paw print which cannot easily be seen. The size of the statue puts Sherlock’s character into perspective and brings him to life.

Erected in 1991, the statue commemorates the birthplace of author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and marks the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Master Builders. The popularity of Doyle’s consulting detective continues to grow, even today. From shows to movies and taverns to eateries, Conan Doyle’s creation is greatly admired and influential. People can even catch the BBC series Sherlock, a modern take on the character.

After admiring the statue, check out the pub, The Conan Doyle, across from the statue in York Place. Here, people can find flavorful drinks and food to tie off their experience.

IMG_0423 (2)

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